Jill Valentine had seen the T-virus Zombies do many terrible things in her time as a member of S.T.A.R.S, but nothing she had seen thus far could have prepared her for what was now taking part in front of her.  

"Rebecca?" she asked. "Is that you?"

This was definitely something new.

Jill stood in the doorway of what used to be a well-furnished dinning room of an old American mansion.  The building was one of many set deep within the woods surrounding Racoon City, and more than likely belonged to one of the wealthier city dwellers.  Once it had been rustic and lovely; now it was just a wreck.  Tables, chairs and cabinets lay in ruin all about her, victims of some previous battle.  

The T-virus had infected the local trees and plants, turning them to dangerous sentinels and causing them to push through the walls floor and ceiling of the mansion.  It looked to Jill as if the massive branches and tentacle-like vines that lay through the wooden boards were all that stopped the building from falling to pieces.  Jill watched with a mix of growing unease as thick vines writhed with alien intent.

"Becca, is that really you?"

Ignoring all the obvious damage within the room, Jill's attention was drawn towards the far left corner of the room where a thick nest of tentacles had burst through the floor and covered the wall.  They looked trapped between the wall and the fireplace, but Jill's eyes were drawn on the blonde haired woman who hung trapped in tightly coiled tentacles, some three feet off of the floor.  Only a head and the black army boots were visible but Jill knew that it was Rebecca, the youngest and newest member to the Stars Team.


"Jill!" came her reply. "It's me! Thank god you're here! Quick, help me!"

Still dealing with what she was seeing, Jill shouldered her shotgun and made her through the tangle of limbs on the floor towards Rebecca.  As she moved a deep hissing sound rose in the room all around her; the tentacles tightened their grip about their victim. Rebecca let out a nervous squeal.  Alarmed, Jill slowed her pace to a very cautious tiptoe. Slowly she made her way forward until she stood in front of where Rebecca hung.

"Are you all right?" Jill asked.

"I think so," said Becca. "But when this thing grabbed me I thought I was dead."

"Where's Chris and the others?" said Jill, looking for some weakness in the vines. "Did you see them?"

"I think the Plant has them," Becca said and struggled to free herself; it was to no avail. "I think it has them all.  I know they were alive when I last saw them."

"Thank goodness!"

"Yeah," said Becca nervously. "This thing doesn't seem intent on killing me…yet."

"That is weird, don't you think?" asked Jill, "good news obviously, but a little weird."

"Cut me down! Please!"

Jill reached for her knife.  All of a sudden, the mass of tentacles came alive with a fierce hiss; a series of whip-like moves of its larger tentacles drove Jill several feet back and out of reach.  Jill froze and Rebecca let out a terrified cry.  
Dozens of smaller tendrils snaked from the folds of the larger limbs, curling about Rebecca's boots and, as Jill watched in a stunned gape, they set about yanking the boots off of her feet.  They dropped to the floor, laces snapped.  In seconds they were weaving through the material of her socks and then they too were pulled clear.  Rebecca let out a nervous giggle at the movement on her feet.

"Oh gawd!" Rebecca said. "Jill, help me!"

But Jill didn't move; she was transfixed. She could only stand there and watch as before her eyes, one of the larger tentacles slipped quickly back and forth between Rebecca's toes, lightly flickering up and down the soles of her feet.  Rebecca spurted and bit back against the feeling.

"What the?!"

It was tickling her – the plant was tickling her!

"Spprrtttee hee hee heeelp! J-Jill! Aaha ha ha! It's tickling my feeheeheeheet! Haahaahaa! Noooooo! It's driving me crazy! Ha ha ha ha ha! Waaahahahahaha hahaha!"

"So I see," said Jill, grinning helplessly. "So I see."

The tentacle set into a methodical rhythm of brushing its tentacle up and down the soles of Rebecca's small and pedicured feet, drawing very delicate lines of movement from heel to toe, back and forth across her arches.  The movements were deliberate and showed intent; this plant knew what it was doing.

Rebecca giggled and snorted, struggling to no effect as she hung having her feet tickled by the plant.  The feeling of the tentacle moving on her feet was too much; all she could do was laugh erratically, caught in its unbreakable bonds. She blushed and swore but always the giggles won out. She had always hated being tickled, especially on the soles of her feet! It went straight to the centre of her head and drove her into hysterical.

"Waaa haa haa! Eeeheheheha ahahah ahehehaha hahaha!! Oh god it tickles! Eee hee heehaa ha ha ha! Jill…hee hee hee help me! Nyaa haa haa haa haa! Ha HA HA HA! Not the feet! Heee hee hee haha ha ha!"

"I can't believe it," said Jill. "It's tickling your feet!"

"I know! Yargghhaahahaha! Ha hah hah…"

As Jill watched the plant lowered another one of its tentacles to tickle both of Rebecca's feet; drawing light intricate patterns and flickering swiftly under her toes with its tips. The fast moving tentacle tips seemed to cover all of Rebecca's soft skinned soles.  

Rebecca exploded into hysterical laughter, kicking and struggling even in the tight bonds of the tentacles.  Yet no amount of struggle seemed to avail her in getting away from the tickling tentacles.

"Bwaaahahahahahaaa! Eeeheh ehe heheheheheh hahahahah ahahahahahaha!!"

Jill grinned as she watched it, thinking how oddly cute that a plant should want to tickle your feet.  It was certainly better than it tearing you to pieces as had happened in other missions.  She knew she should be trying to get Rebecca free, but she found herself compelled to watch as her teammate had her feet tickled.

"Oh gawd I can't stand it! Haahaahaahaa! Nyaahaahaahaa! It's dr-driving me crazy. Waa haa
haa haa! My fe-heeheeheet! Hee hee hee haaha! It is too muuaahaahaaha haa haa! Too much!"

Jill wondered if the plant had captured the other members of her team and was now tickling their feet.  She felt something warm and pleasant pass along her spine as she drew up an image of Chris and Barry having their feet tickled.  

"I have to find the others Becca," said Jill, chuckling softly. "I can't help you yet, I'm sorry. You're just going to have to hang there and let it tickle you."

"Nooooaaha ha ha hahaha!"

"I'll be back as soon as I can," said Jill with a giggle and little salute. "So just hang in there, Private tickle toes."

"Jill! Please! Eeee hee hee hee Ooooheeeheehaaha!"

"You look really cute when you're feet are being tickled," said Jill. "I'll have to remember that."


Jill turned and made her way back out of the room, leaving Rebecca in hysterics…

* * * * *
It was Barry, her old friend and second in command of her Squad, that she found next.  And when she saw what fate had befallen him, she giggled merrily into her hand.

"Poor Barry," she teased.

She found him in a small anter-room, sitting on a chair with rope-like tentacles wrapped firmly about him so he could not escape.  The great bear of a man still looked tough and strong, and she quickly noticed that he was still wearing his boots.  Next to him, sprouting from the cracked floor, a plant with red petals was tickling his neck and ears with long slender feathery fronds.  Barry snorted and twisted but could not escape, no matter how hard he tried.

"Hey Barry," tittered Jill and knelt beside him. "Ticklish? Hee hee."

"Jill, spprrt! Ffftth! For the love of god, make them stop will ya? It's driving me crazy!"

Chucking sympathetically, Jill reached over and gently pulled the feathery fronds away so they tickled his red flak jacket uselessly.  Jill sat in her blue t-shirt and combat pants, head in her hands, staring with a childish grin on her face.

"Thanks," said Barry.

"You're welcome."

"I think the others are in here too, somewhere."  

Barry tried to wriggle free of the thick limbs that held him in the chair but even his own strength could not break him free.  He tried several times but in the end he had to stop.  Whatever this thing was, it was stronger than him.

"I know," said Jill, content to watch him struggle. "I all ready found Becca. She was having her feet tickled by a plant."

Barry frowned. "What?!"

"I know," said Jill, grinning. "She looked as cute as a button, all wrapped up, giggling helplessly."

"Where is she now?"

"I left her."

"You did?"

Jill nodded. "I couldn't get close enough to help her," she said. "Plus, I didn't really want to interrupt. She looked so cute."

Barry shook his head, not wanting to think about it too much and feeling a little uneasy with Jill's new found complacency. "This is crazy," he said, "a T-virus mutation that goes around tickling people; who would have thought it?"

Jill nodded but her eyes drifted back to the fronds worrying Barry's jacket. "Better feet tickling than being eaten or torn to pieces," she said.

"I guess."

"Where are Chris and Wesker? Did you see anything of them?"

"No, sorry," said Barry and shook his head. "Haven't seen them but I guess they are both still alive, probably having a giggle of a time."
Jill rose to her feet. "I should go and find them, to make sure they are all right."

"Good idea," said Barry. "Cut me free and I will come with you."
Barry stared up at Jill expectantly, waiting for her to unsheathe her knife.  But it didn't happen.  Jill stood and stared down at him, grinning with a childish glee on her face. She had her hands on her hips, a sparkle of something delicious registering in her eyes. She waited a good five seconds before giving him an answer.


It wasn't the answer Barry was expecting. "What do you mean, no?" he said, not believing what he was hearing.

"I don't want to set you free just yet," she said. "I have a better idea."


Jill made her way around to his back and taking hold of his shoulders, she lowered Barry and the chair to which he was fastened onto the floor so that his legs were sticking up in the air.  The limbs that bound him made no move other than to tighten; he let out a curse but Jill tittered and ignored him.  

"This isn't funny Jill! Let me go!"

Jill giggled merrily. "Not funny?" she said. "Not yet, perhaps. But I guarantee, soon you will be giggling like a little boy, Barry."

Barry cursed again but couldn't bring himself to be truly angry with her; the glee on her face was sweet enough to take sting out of her apparent betrayal. Even when Jill moved to kneel by his feet, a lip biting smile on her face, and started to unfasten the laces of his boots all Barry could was shake his head at her.  

"Let's have these big heavy boots off, mm?" she teased.

"Leave them alone!"

Giggling, Jill tugged them from his feet and threw them clear, and she kept her eyes locked on Barry all the while.  He saw the childish amusement in her face.

"Please don't do this!" Barry said. "We're friends, right?"

Jill nodded. "Of course we are friends Barry, so think of this as a gift."

"A gift?!" he spluttered.

Jill made no answer to him but started to slowly roll the socks off of his feet until they were both and helpless.  Jill dropped the socks a safe distance away.

"There," she said, grinning, "doesn't that feel better, mm?"


"Save your breath sweetie," she said. "I'll be back when I have found the others. Until then try not to pass out."

"But you can't leave me here!"



"Because," she teased, "big tough Barry doesn't want to have the nasty plant tickle his feet?" There was pure mischief in her voice when she said those words. "Is that it?"

Barry sighed.  "Damn you Jill…"

Jill reached behind her and gently placed the feathery fronds of the red plant onto the soles of his feet.  She made a humming noise as they got closer and closer, revelling in Barry's helpless look.

"Here they come," she sang, "here come the little plants to give gentle tickles…"


"And…there we go," she said and pressed them gently onto his toes. "Contact."

Jill withdrew her hands and waited for a few seconds. She knelt and watched as the fronds started to writhe and brush over Barry's skin.  Jill grinned and put her chin in her hands, smiling sweetly as the feeling of being tickled started to touch Barry's features.  He smirked and immediately tried to swallow it down.  He failed.

"Does it tickle, Barry?" she asked. "Does it tickle on your toes?"

It only took a couple of seconds before Barry started giggling, spitting through gritted teeth, as the feathery plant tickled.  He felt every little move they made, sliding up and down the tops of his feet, brushing along his arches and making very delicate sweeps under his toes.  It was torturous!

"See, its not so bad, is it?"


"Come on Barry," she teased. "Let me hear you giggle."

Jill loved watching the expression on her friend's face as the foot tickling slowly but certainly overwhelmed him.  She put her face close to the plant as it tickled him, watching it torture him with its gently swishing fronds.  It was a huge thrill, made all the sweeter by the fact in less than a dozen seconds Barry had succumbed totally to convulsions of tickled laughter.

"Bwaahaahaahaa! Eeee heee hee hee hee he hee he hee! Stoppit! Ahhahaaheee! It tickles! Nyaahaahaa no more!"

"There we go," she said, "kitchy kitchy…"


"That's it sweetie," she said, "you just lie there and let the nice plant tickle your feet; while I find the others."

Jill rose to her feet and after planting a kiss on his forehead, made her way to the doorway.  She took one last look at him before making her way out of the room. Barry's laughter followed her all the way.

* * * *

In her search for Chris and Wesker, Jill had more than a little time to reflect on current events.  Or more importantly, how she had reacted to those situations and the odd way it had made her feel.

Having discovered Rebecca and Barry being tickled by the T-Virus plant that riddled the house, not only had she left them to their giggles and laughter but also she had felt more than a little happy to do so.  She didn't know why she had done what she had – she could have easily rescued them and they could have been with her now helping her search.  So why had she left them? Was it that she didn't care?  No, that couldn't be it.  If they had been under attack she would have saved them without hesitation.  Yet, she corrected herself, it wasn't attacking them.

It was tickling them.

"Could that be it?" she asked of herself. "Could it be because of the tickling?"

As she thought back on it, it made Jill smile.  Rebecca had looked so cute all wrapped up and having her feet tickled.  Jill giggled just thinking about it.  Perhaps the reason she didn't leap in all guns blazing was down to the fact that, so long as it was just tickling them her team wasn't really in danger.  That could be it.
No, there was something more to it.  Her thoughts now moved back to Barry and what she had done to him.  Jill had effectively rescued him by pulling the fronds away so they could speak.  All she had to do was cut the limbs off of him.  But instead of doing that, once she had got the information she needed she took off his socks and shoes and put the fronds so they would tickle his feet.  In fact the only reason Barry was being tickled right now is because Jill had engineered it.

As Jill moved through the house she started to wonder if somewhere deep down she wanted her friends to be tickled?  That thought made her tingle. Curious, she thought.  Was it a power thing? Or did it give a thrill pleasure to see her team helplessly having their feet tickled?

Jill wondered and scratched idly at a small wound on her hand; a little line of blood left by the tentacle that had gripped Rebecca.

* * * * *

Shortly after Jill came across Chris and Wesker.

Chris was tied to a dinner table directly in front of the door as she entered the room.  He was laughing hysterically and battling against the ropes that held him down. Jill saw that a pair of zombies, rotten and falling apart, stood gently tickling the soles of Chris's feet with soft looking feathers.  It took Jill by surprise, but instead of being alarmed by it, Jill tittered and felt a giddy happiness to see him so tenderly tormented.

"Good boys," she said and tittered.

Jill paused and giggled at the sounds Chris was making.  She noted with interest the odd placid look on the zombies' faces, which was different to savage bloody thirsty look she was used to.  In fact, she realised, one of them even appeared to be smiling as he swished his feather over Chris's toes

Jill walked a little closer. "Having fun boys?" she asked.

They ignored her.

"Eeeheeheehaahaahaahaahahaha! C'mon guys! Hoohooheehaahahaha! Quit it! Quit he hahahaha! Quit tickling me! Nyaahahahahahahaha! Jill! Jill help mee heheheaha ahahahehehahaa!"

"In a moment, hon," she said.

Turning to her left Jill saw Wesker standing in the far corner of the room with his back pressed against the wall.  The floor in front of him had collapsed, trapping him there, while thick vines rose in search of him from the floor below.  Wesker kicked and swatted them away.  Jill edged closer and looked down to the hole in the floor; there was a huge nest of tentacles and vines writhing expectantly, just itching to pull Wesker into their ticklish embrace.

"Jill," said Wesker seeing her for the first time. "You made it! Thank god.  I thought I was the only one."

"They got Chris too I see," she said, giggling.

"Yeah," said Wesker. "We got separated when the floor collapsed.  I couldn't help him and once they started…I didn't know what to make of it."

"Who would have thought zombies would have a thing for ticking, huh?" said Jill.

"It must a new variant of the Virus," said Wesker. "I think there is one big plant at the centre of the house and it's the source of the new virus. It infected the zombies and turned them into its puppets. If we stop the plant, we stop all of this madness."

Jill nodded. "Makes sense," she said.

"At least we're all still alive," said Wesker. "But once it has, it infects you. It makes you like the rest of these things."

Jill's face lit up. "It makes you tickle people?"

"At the very least, it makes you obedient to the whim of the plant."

"Oh dear," said Jill, glancing at the wound on her hand. "Well that would explain it then."


"Never mind," she said.

Jill turned and looked over to see Chris who was still screaming and thrashing hysterically under the feathering the zombies were giving him.  He was flushed and sweating, on the point of crying in fact.  She watched the zombies flick the feathers expertly up and down the soles of his feet, across his toes and back down his arches.  Odd, she thought, that they should remember how to tickle rather than anything else.

Then suddenly an idea hit her. Jill turned back to face Wesker. "Can you jump across?"

"I haven't tried," he said cautiously. "In case one of those things snags my legs in mid air."

Jill tittered. "Are all boys so scared of a little tickling?"

Wesker frowned. "Jill, are you all right?" he asked.

At that moment a tremor shook the room. From the ceiling above them, one of the wooden beams slipped down a little, threatening to crash through the space where Wesker stood.  Another tremor hit, this time coming from beneath them. The floor beneath Wesker gave way and the squad leader was forced to make a last minute jump to escape.  He flew across the gap and managed to get a hold of the wooden beam dangling above him and clung to it, dangling helplessly over the writhing mass of vines and fronds in the pit below.
Recovering a little, Jill moved back over to the edge, a perpetual smile on her face.

"Swing your legs over!" she said.


"Swing your legs over," she said. "You'll have to get some momentum to clear the gap."
Without giving it a second thought Wesker started to swing himself over the pit, inching his legs closer to Jill with each passing second.  After four or so passes Jill reached out and caught his legs with one arm.

"Got you!"

Wesker grinned. "Pull me across!"

But Jill held them only long enough to severe his boot laces with her knife. Then, with an excited giggle, she let him go.   With a cry Wesker swung back over the pit and his boots dropped from his feet, landing in the mass of vines.  Excited by this new movement thin tendrils rose up and starting tugging at Wesker's socks.

"Jeezuz Jill," cried Wesker. "What are you playing at?"

"You tied Chris to that table," she said, chuckling. "You tied him up and left him there so the zombies would tickle his feet while you escaped. I'm right aren't I? I bet you were on your way out when the room shook and the floor collapsed, cutting you off.  Tell me I'm right."

"Yes, you're right!" he yelled, lifting his legs up from the questing vines.

"Good," said Jill. "I thought so. That wound on your neck – it's from the plant, isn't it?"

Again Wesker nodded.

"So you wanted them to tickle Chris, didn't you, mm?"

Wesker laughed helplessly and nodded. "Now what?" he asked.

"Don't worry," she said. "I want it too. I left Rebecca and Barry in its tender grip and now that you've taken care of Chris, all that remains is for you to join them. Don't worry Wesker, I'm not angry with you."

"Really?" Wesker seemed doubtful.

"Sure," she said and showed his the scratch on her hand. "I'm like you – I just want it to tickle you."

She turned to look at Chris and the two zombies who were dutifully brushing their feathers up and down his feet.  The tickling was making Chris cry tears of laughter and he looked to be in a maddened state of hysterics, rendered utterly helpless by the tickling of his toes.

Jill listened to him laugh and imagined how the rest of her team would be doing the same thing, all snug and cosy while the plants tickled their feet.  It put a smug smile on her face, thinking of how she was playing a small part in this merriment.
Wesker blushed.

"Why not let go, mm?" teased Jill. "It must hard and tiring hanging there like that. I have no intention of helping you. So why not just let yourself fall? Won't that be nicer? To be caught gently and cradled while it tickles you?"

"Y-yes," said Wesker, "yes that does sound nice…"

"It does, doesn't it," she said.


"Then…sweetie, just let go."

With a blushed nod of acceptance, Wesker let go of the wooden beam.  He fell without a cry but was caught gently by the thick tentacles below. They wrapped about his arms and legs, pulling him swiftly into their centre.  The plant worked quickly and deftly to rip his socks to pieces, leaving him barefoot. Jill smiled as the plant quickly exploited his barefeet, sending a dozen feather-like fronds that starting brushing and scraping the soles of his feet.  The second he felt them on his feet and between his toes, Wesker's shouting stopped.

"Koochi koochi koo…" she tittered.

The plant was quick and efficient in getting the first ticklish noise from Wesker.  At first there were only a few strangled giggles and snorted attempts to hold back the laughter but the fronds were expertly drawn back and forth between his toes; sliding over the tops of his feet and down his arches.  It was delivering an expert tickle.  It was only a matter of seconds before Wesker could no longer hold back and he burst into explosive laughter.

"Nyaaaahaahaahaahooooheeeheeeheehahahahaaaaahaa!Jill!Ahhhahahahaahaha! hahaheehee! Hahahahaha! Make it stop. Pleaseeheehehahahaha!

"Maddening, isn't it?" she said, grinning victoriously. "Especially between the toes."
"Heheheheheeheehooheehelp me! Eeeheehehaahaahahhooohahahehee!"

Jill shook her head. "We both know you don't want that," she said. "I think its time you had a bit of tickle time – some gentle giggles will see you right."



Wesker paused, his face red and stretched with laugher. "I…I love it! Ahahahah eehahahahaha eeehehahahahahaaaahahah!"

"I know sweetie, I know."

Without another word Jill turned and left the pair of them to their ticklish torments…

* * * * *

Jill was feeling very pleased with herself as she made her way back through the house, backtracking her original route and being extra careful to not walk into any of the expecting vines.  Things couldn't have gone much better even if she had planned it.  

She smiled to herself as she walked, thinking of the predicaments she left each of her teammates in.  She could still see each and every one of them all tied up and having their toes tickled by the plant; in fact even in this hallway she could them laughing.  
As she mulled them over, listening to the howls as cries in the distant rooms, she quickly decided that she had no regrets about what she had done. In fact, if she ever had the chance to do so, she would do it again in a heartbeat.  There was something about leaving them to have their feet tickled that made her feel all warm inside; plus there was also the added satisfaction of having power over them in a way that was not dangerous but at the same time a little apprehensive.  

Still, her biggest concern was with all of her friends caught and with her being infected, who would tickle her?

Suddenly, Jill came to a corridor that had dozens of holes in the floor.  She stopped and frowned, thinking that the corridor hadn't been this bad on the way here.  In the background she could still here her team crying with helpless laughter.  Nothing seemed to be moving, so she started moving slowly down the corridor, avoiding all of the holes as best she could.  She took the shotgun off of her shoulder just in case.  

"This might have promise," she said.

When she was half way down the corridor a closed door at the other end shattered and two zombies appeared, moaning and reaching out with rotten hands.  They started to shuffle towards her.  Jill froze, unsure if they wanted to eat her or tickle her.  

Quite unexpectedly the zombies broke into a mad dash and Jill staggered back in surprise, only to catch her heel on one of the holes in the floor.  She fell backwards, dropping her gun and ended up in a sprawl on the floor.  As she lay stunned green vines shot up through holes in the floor, looped around her ankles and then knotted together, pinning her legs in place.

"What the hell?"

Jill yanked away with her legs but could not get them free of the vines.  She shivered as electric anticipation shot up her spine; she knew what was coming and with the rest of her team incapacitated there would be no one to help her. The plant had come for her, come to reward her. Panic and pleasure rose in equal measure and Gill reached across for her weapon, but it was quickly knocked out of reach by other vines rising from beneath her.  She looked back to see the zombies reach her and after slumping to the floor, they started tearing at the laces of her boots.

"Oh," she gasped, biting her lip. "You boys want my socks, mm? Go on then, you little toe ticklers, take them!"

Her tease went on deaf ears as the zombies, as is their wont, paid her no attention.  They ripped the boots off of her feet and then with more delicacy set about peeling her socks away as well.  Jill felt her limbs tingle with pleasant anticipation.

"Yes…" she sighed, wiggling her toes. "Please, tickle me!"

Only a matter of seconds separated her from having her feet tickled.  Her fate was sealed when a zombie hand rose from a hole brandishing a feather and even though it was blind, it tilted towards her feet.

"Oh yes," Jill moaned, wriggling in her bonds, eager and desperate for the touch of the feather. "Please, tickle my feet!"

Jill watched with a thrilling helplessness as the two zombies shuffled away with her boots.  Meanwhile the zombie hand with the feather was soon joined by another vine that had feathery fronds flowering from its tip.  

Jill shuddered but knew there was no escape. "I'm stuck," she whispered to herself. "I'll never get free, I'll just lie and be tickled till I die! Oh…how wonderful!"

As one they started to brush, scrape and otherwise tickle the trapped soles of her barefeet.

"Ngggnn eeeeehehe hehe hehehe mmnyng yeesss ahaha aahaahahahahahaa! Tickle me! Yes, there, ah ah ahah ahahaha aha ahahahahah! My soles, tickle my soles!
AhahahahaHaaheeeheeeheehoooheeheehhaaaha! Don't stop ahahahahahaha! Yes, oh yes! Yeaahaahahahahahahahheeehehehehehehehhooohoohohheehhaahehee!"

Jill screamed with laughter as the feather and fronds tickled her feet. It was a soft, loving caress of tickle, a gift from the plant that she'd helped. She felt something in her blood, warm and sweet, a knowledge that all was all right.

"Yes!" she cried. "Tickle me! Tickle me! I love it!"

Sensing such wanton appreciation, move vines crept up through the floor boards. They snaked onto her feet, between her toes and around her ankles. They stroked and tickled and caressed and Jill bucked with laughter. Others came, sliding into her clothes, tickling sides, ribs, armpits and hips.

A flush of ticklish delight lit Jill's face as the tentacles and vines set about shredding her clothes, piece by piece.  Jill, spell bound by the tickling on her and the warm glee in her gut, raised not a single complaint as they left her naked.

The boards beneath her creaked and cracked and fell away but Jill hung there for a
moment, caught by so many vines that they held her aloft.  They held her like a long lost cousin, the infection in her veins making her familiar to them. They knew her hunger, her need, and they longer for nothing more than to sate it.

For a moment Jill twisted and bucked with joy, wrapped in tickling vines with nothing to hide her modesty. Then she sank with the vines into the darkness below, where the plant waited. Jill felt no fear, only a thrilling sense of vulnerability. She knew the plant would not kill or ham her. Oh no, it would hold her, gently and forever. It would tickle every inch of her now naked body safe from the prying eyes of any would be intruder and the judgement of the uninfected.

Alone, naked, tickled in the dark with only sweeter tickles to come, Jill was home.